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Atheonus App.

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1 Atheonus App. on Sun Jul 19, 2009 1:21 pm

Character's name:Atheonus

65+ jobs (list their levels):War75,sam75,thf75,nin75,blm75

Main job(s) {ones you have outfitted and can bring to Limbus}:
war - full merits all sky gear cept nbody,relic,some askar and other misc
thf - about 50% merited,heca,af,th knife,no af2 hands
sam - decent merits,hagun,sobo,askar fumas etc
nin - 50% merited,21% haste build,kirin set,scorps etc,ungur
blm - only really have ra/ex gear for it sold everything else

Linkshell(s):assasins guild,theordomalleus


Reason for applying (what you want out of Limbus, etc.):Need something else endgame to do,+ maybe some homan down the road


Comments:thank for considering me! =D

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