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Raksha's App

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1 Raksha's App on Wed Oct 21, 2009 9:09 pm

Character's name: Raksha

65+ jobs (list their levels): SCH 75 SMN 75 (gimp) RDM 75 (gimp)

Main job(s) {ones you have outfitted and can bring to Limbus}: SCH

Linkshell(s): OperationDynamisII

Timezone: gmt -6 central time

Reason for applying (what you want out of Limbus, etc.):SCH upgrade items


Comments:have herald's gaiters, Ice/Thun/Dark/Light obis, full relic, HQ ice/thun/dark/wind staves

Merits: 5/5 INT, 8/8 MP, 8/8 enfeebling, 8/8 elemental, 4/4 evasion, 5/5 stormsurge, 5/5 helix mab, 5/5 sublimation, 1/5 enlightenment 4/4 -enmity, 1/4 spell interrupt

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