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Interesting pics!

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1 Interesting pics! on Mon Feb 01, 2010 12:25 pm




Some interesting pics I found on wiki/ffxiah.

Note how in the first pic someone stunned CB and in the second, whoever had hate ran away and avoided CB.


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2 Re: Interesting pics! on Mon Feb 08, 2010 4:34 pm

This first pic is Limbus on hard mode... Sure you get about 40 people, but you have to fight 6! bosses (and for some reason their Taurus pets.)

The second pic looks pretty interesting. I wonder how much Fast Cast the stunner had or if he was a BLM, BLM/RDM, RDM/DRK, or DRK. It looks like he cast the spell at the "1" on the countdown and his stun was went off before the CB. It seems like something we could experiment with, but the slightest bit of lag could effect the results.

The running away pic looks interesting too, but it would be a bit harder to test without potentially putting the alliance in danger. Also, since well geared PLDs can survive CB consistently, testing this isn't necessarily worth the risk.

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3 Re: Interesting pics! on Wed Feb 10, 2010 12:20 pm

I didn’t create the first picture. I saw it somewhere and thought it was relevant to what Lumoria does and so I posted it here.

I looked up CB on the wiki and I quote:

Wiki wrote:Citadel Buster
Used only by Proto-Ultima during phase 5. It uses a 30-second countdown as it readies it, during which it stops attacking and only draws in whomever currently has hate. Target is set at the end of countdown, but the move can be stunned.

Obviously, to stun it, stun would have to go off after right after we see “Ultima readies CB” and before it actually uses it. I don’t know how long after CB goes off after that text but I think it’s almost instant, since it looks like a JA.

But the thing is, we know when he is going to use it and its right after the “1!!!”. So I think we should fire off some stuns with respect to that. Maybe have dedicated stunners try going when the countdown is at 1.5, 1, or even try aiming for 0.5? Keep in mind factors such as lag, reaction time, etc.

Wiki says that range on CB is 20' radial around who ever has hate. Any Windower users can let me know how much that is? Maybe try firing off stuns from there to not kill stunners? Can stun be cast from that distance?

Now, considering the 3rd picture …

I don’t see how running away would put the alliance in danger. Just run the opposite side of where the alliance is, but if you look closely at the pic, it says:

Aluc is drawn in!
Ultima readies CB.
Aluc is too far away.

We see that Ultima drew Aluc in. I assume Aluc must have started running away from right then and BAM, “Aluc is too far away”. So he couldn’t possibly be too far. I think this is definitely worth trying and it wont put the alliance in danger, whoever has hate should just run opposite way (away from alliance) instead of just “taking it like a man” kind of thing.

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