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Pics of LS Randomness~

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1 Pics of LS Randomness~ on Wed Mar 17, 2010 8:09 pm

Fun with Fireworks

Taru Invasion!

Maelstrom and Xypin have merged into the hideous two-headed freak Maelströmpin! Only one thing is certain of this monstrosity. If it's made from these two, it won't live long.

Journey's End

Please remember Cosmo-Cleanse is still an experimental product. Side effects may include: headache, heartburn, upset stomach, drowsiness, mood swings, hair loss, nausea, tail growth, depression, explosive diarrhea, constipation, stuffy nose, death, obsessive high risk behaviors, hallucination, trypophobia, heart attack, memory loss, resurrection, vomiting, dry mouth, and water retention, as well as additional potentially unsettling results...

Hangin' out with Sagheera

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